PSP Spreadsheet v2.00

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This is the first totally functional spreadsheet for the PSP.
Beside realizing the basic operations (+ - * /), it have many
functions to facilitate the calculations as well as many
options to give format to the cells texts/numbers.
Also you can exchange sheets with Excel, using txt files.

This help screen shows all the functions implemented.

Main Features
- English and Spanish language menus and functions.
- Format cells options: Font, size, bold, color, decimals, alignment and superpose.
- The integrated functions are named and work like those of Excel (English or Spanish version),
to facilitate the exchange of files and the learning.
- Exchange of files with Excel, using txt files.
- Show or hide gridlines.
- Turn on-off the USB connection.
- Save screenshoots in MemoryStick.
- Possibility of changing the columns width.
- Cut-Copy-Paste-Delete the content of the cells.
- Clock and indicator of battery on screen.

To learn to use the spreadsheet a complete manual in pdf format is included.
It´s important you read it. Several example sheets are included in addition,
to show you the application possibilities.

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