Xplora v1.6

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Xplora is an all-in-one file management utility for the PSP. Features include PMF file playback, and the ability to playable music content while managing files and folders.


* Added support for lang: english, portuguese, spanish and francais
* Now CPU is automatically changed to 333Mhz
* Fixed rename function
* Added UMD Dumper in the application menu
* Added simple volume bar
* Now in the Music Player you can turn off the screen
( for battery usage! )
* Now while coping file it’s show the percentage
* Added function to stop or pause while coping files!
* Added function to stop copy while copy a directory
* Now the flash0 in the Slims is opened in ReadWrite mode
* Now you can launch PBP, ISO and CSO files
* For the ISOCSO files modality is used the configuration
of the Recovery ( and VSH menu )
* Patched exit function to return to Xplora when a
application is launched from this! ( Only kernel 4.xx )
* Added PMF video player
* Added “Open with” function
* Added the Text Editor
* Added Text Editor main menu with Save and Exit options
* Added font support to the text editor
* Added pad support in the Text Editor
* Added confirm messager for overwrite operations
* Added the SCE internet browser support in the app list
and associated to determinate files
* Finally fixed the Image viewer that have problems in the
old relases
* Added move function in the Image viewer
* Added function to play music in background

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