PSPInstaller 9

Posted by Evolve on August 6, 2011 at 8:32 PM | Views: 8215 | In: PSP News

PSPInstaller7 by StudioITeC (Previously MeqSoft)
Visit : PSPInstaller - The official website!
Should be OFW and CFW Compliant!

Developed by Richard Sparrow (spike_132000)
REPOPrep by Michel Van Den Brink (justlikeed)
PGELua 0.02 by InsertWittyName

-- Installation
- Remove any previous installations of PSPInstaller from the GAME folder.
- Copy PSPInstaller7 folder to your GAME or GAME5XX,6XX Folder
- If using PSPGo internal memory, ensure you change the media type to suit this.
-- Changes
- New Interface
- Screenshots
- Problem Reports
- Download speed now in KBp/s instead of KBp/loop
- New Featured Section
-- Todo
- In-App Update
- Search