Sessler - Sony shouldn't make a PSP 2

Posted by Evolve on August 6, 2011 at 8:28 PM | Views: 4885 | In: PSP News

In a recent interview with G4's Adam Sessler, an interesting question had been made: Should Sony, if or if not they plan on manufacturing it, release a PSP 2? Sessler goes on to say it might not be the best move on Sony's part, especially with the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS coming out next year. Some may think that making a new PSP will actually hurt Sony in the long run, especially with the recent download only PSP GO! still getting average sales.

Sessler also says that it would be a wiser choice for Sony to invest in the PlayStation Network, with recent statistics showing Microsoft's Xbox Live taking the lead.

Now your thoughts. Should Sony go on with the PSP 2? How will it compete with the 3DS? How much would you think it will cost, and finally, what would you like to see new in it?

The full interview can be read Here