Sonic Lost World Gets Zelda DLC (Complete with Aggressive Cuccos!)

Posted by Evolve on April 2, 2014 at 3:08 AM | Views: 3118 | In: Wii News

After receiving its first bit of Nintendo-flavored DLC back in December with Yoshi’s Island Zone, Sonic Lost World has now gotten yet another dose of add-on content. Dubbed The Legend of Zelda Zone, the new piece of bite-sized content throws a green tunic on Sonic and lets the wily hedgehog explore Hyrule. If you already own Lost World, you should totally check it out as it’s free and has plenty of Zelda fan service. No word on whether more Nintendo-influenced DLC will be released down the road. Thus far, the Yoshi’s Island and Zelda Zones were the only once confirmed following the release of Lost World.

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